Warranty maintenance

The service department of «TECHNOMIR» company provides warranty service of the delivered equipment throughout the territory of Russia. For the the warranty maintenance it is obligatory to follow the work documentation while operation and commission the equipment by TEHNOMIR specialists.

Warranty repairs and maintenance are provided:

  • warranty repair of the failed equipment is free of charge during the warranty period if it is determined that the malfunction is caused by the manufacturing defect;
  • the warranty does not apply to defects in lamps, glass, painting, housing, locks, fastening of doors and consumables, rubber seals, knives, grills and replaceable attachments;
  • warranty service does not include scheduled maintenance work, as well as replacement of parts, parts of units and mechanisms that have failed due to natural wear or the expiration of the service life;
  • an obligatory condition for maintaining the warranty is the scheduled maintenance of the equipment;
  • warranty for spare parts and accessories expires at the time of the end of the warranty of the equipment.

Warranty repairs and maintenance are not provided:

  • damage of the equipment that occurred due to the fault of the customer or due to improper use of it, violation of the rules of transportation, storage or carrying out of loading and unloading operations;
  • presence of traces of liquid, dust, rodents, insects on the internal parts of the products;
  • mechanical damage;
  • noncertified repair works or use of noncertified spare parts;
  • use of damaged equipment.


To obtain the detailed information about our warranty, please, fill the application form or contact one of our managers +7 (812) 346-56-66, info@tehnomir.biz


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