Technical re-equip

Most refrigeration facilities older than 20 years require modernization, they are physically and morally obsolete. As usual these installations do not automatically control the temperature of the cooled products and the cooling capacity of compressor equipment.

It is obligatory to pay more attention to the facilities like these. Most of

Most enterprises because of their state of business are not able to provide replacement of all obsolete equipment. This circumstance requires a special approach to ensuring the safety of the operation of such enterprises. One of the possible methods of solving the problem is the development of multi-stage coordinated plans for the reconstruction of refrigeration plants.

At the first stage the works ensuring the safety of the further operation of the refrigeration unit. On the second one the plant is completely modernized. The second stage requires large financial investments.

To improve the safety of the operation of the ACS on existing old plants, it is necessary to go by replacing the existing cooling systems with low-ammonia capacity. When developing projects for the modernization of the ACS, the main task is to increase the reduction in their ammonia content.

Specialists of TECHNOMIR company provide the whole complex of works on technical re-equipment of refrigeration facilities. Our project office will successfully develop the necessary design and working documentation according to your needs. Our solutions comply with all safety standards, there are necessary licenses and certificates. We guarantee high efficiency of our equipment and a long service life.

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