Gas analysis systems

Gas analysis is the analysis of gas mixtures to determine its qualitative and quantitative composition. There are chemical, physical and physicochemical methods of gas analysis.

Chemical methods are based on the absorption of gas mixture components by various reagents. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by alkali liquor, oxygen is absorbed by alkaline solution of Pyrogallol, unsaturated hydrocarbons by bromine water. The amount of gas is judged by the reduction of its volume. The advantage of chemical methods is the simplicity of the equipment design (gas analyzers) and the assay performance.

Physical methods of gas analysis are based on the measurements of density, viscosity, boiling point, thermal conductivity, absorption and emission of light (spectral analysis), mass spectra (mass spectroscopy) and other physical properties of gas solution.

Physicochemical methods of gas analysis are based on the absorption of components of the gas mixture by a solution of a suitable reagent and the measurement of electrical conduction (electrochemical approach of analysis), optical density (colorimetry) or other physicochemical features of the solution. Due to the simplicity of physicochemical and physical methods, they are more widely used in various industries.

Gas analysis is used to determine the composition of natural and industrial gases, to control production processes in the metal, chemical, oil and gas industries, to identify toxic, flammable or explosive gases in the air of industrial facilities.

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