Energy audit

Refrigerating plants depending on the industry can consume from 30 % to 90% of electricity from the total consumption of the enterprise. For most industries that use artificial cold in technological processes the most important task is to ensure the stable operation of the refrigeration unit. If the operation of the refrigeration unit meets the criteria of technological processes (permanent temperature of the coolant), then it is considered that the refrigeration unit fulfills its functional purpose.

Have you ever asked a question if the facility works efficiently?

To evaluate the efficiency of the refrigeration unit, specialists of TECHNOMIR implement energy audits — a large-scale technical survey of refrigeration units with diagnostics of the performance of main and auxiliary systems. Before ordering the upgrade of the technological and refrigeration equipment, use the services for evaluating the efficiency of the equipment. Specialists of TECHNOMIR are ready to perform the analysis on any site and offer you the best prices.

We use registered and verified measuring equipment — pressure sensors, temperature sensors, current sensors, flowmeters, anemometers. We can make thermal imaging and diagnose vibrations, if necessary.

There is no need to stop the operation of the facilities, all measurements are made on the operating refrigeration unit.

After the energy audit, we make hardware configuration the equipment thus reducing power consumption.

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