Automation and control of cooling

An industrial control system (ICS) is a system consisted in several levels, which complexity id determined by speed, distribution, number of control loops etc.

ICS introduction will solve the following tasks:

  • Improve the control and safety of industrial and engineering systems.
  • Achieve appropriate equipment operating mode.
  • Automatically collect, process, hold and transmit data of technical performance and system parameters.
  • Avoid permanently-manned manufacturing and improve labor efficiency and quality of the product.
  • However, every ICS has its own specific features, in general, ICS can be described in the following way.

The lower level consists of sensors and actuators. The sensors transmit information to PLC (local programmable logic controllers) that collect information, process it, control the actuators and are responsible for automatic logic control. PLC transmit all the data to the control room.

A control room (upper level) serves to display the information and measurements, transmit outputs and control manufacturing process.

Currently, the most promising and popular method of automated control is introduction of SCADA-systems (special software or dispatch automation solutions). The main advantages of SCADA are: information supply in real time from various points of the facility, the completeness of information and its visibility, the convenience of managing all processes, reliability, rapid elimination of emergency.

Our advantages:

  • We have a perfect knowledge of all cooling production processes and an extensive experience in automation and dispatching implementation.
  • We also develop failure-free automation systems with advanced reliability for hazardous industrial facilities.
  • Our systems are integrated with fire and gas alarms making them more safe and reliable.
  • Introducing automation makes it possible to improve energy efficiency
  • We provide service, remote monitoring and supervision

Cooling systems automation designing

The Project Office of TEHNOMIR company offers complex design services and engineering systems estimation for industrial enterprises in different fields.

While designing we apply modern technologies and self-developed engineering decisions.

Our accumulated experience helps to develop a custom technical solution for the specific task.

Our project documentation is based on the principles of production processes optimization.

We consider all the rules of fire safety, operating safety, ecology and energy efficiency.

The documentation meets all the statutory and regulatory requirements.

The professionalism of our engineers and installation staff will guarantee correct and safe operation of the refrigerating equipment.

The Project Office of TEHNOMIR company is focused on the development of design estimate documentation of cooling automation systems.

If you are interested in further information on designing, please, contact us by e-mail or call us (812) 346-56-66.


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